Peter Briscoe is an Englishman, born in 1950, and studied Industrial Chemistry and Management at Loughborough University of Technology, England. He moved to The Netherlands in 1974 and was asked by his company, Brent Chemicals International,  to set up a subsidiary in Holland from 1978 where he was Managing Director until1986.

From 1987-1989, Peter was Executive Director of the Christian Businessmen’s Committees (CBMC in The Netherlands.) Typical CBMC activities are prayer breakfasts in boardrooms, hotels and even parliaments to pray for Gods activity in the lives of a business, civic or national leader; outreach events such as banquets in major hotels to present Jesus Christ to the business and professional people; leadership development ‘colleges’, seminars and courses designed to motivate leaders to reach out to others.

In 1990, Peter set up “Synthesys” a consulting company specialising in the development and marketing of industrial chemical specialties.

When the Berlin Wall collapsed and opportunities to develop business in Eastern Europe opened up, Peter founded and developed Europartners, a movement dedicated to reaching European business and professional people for Christ and helping Christians in positions of leadership in business, politics, and other professions to “go and make disciples in all nations.” By 2002 there were local national movements in 28 European countries, encompassing around 500 local groups and some 5000 active co-workers. Now, Peter continues as a Board member to lead this organisation to reach and teach top leaders about Jesus.

From 2002, Peter took an assignment as Managing Director of HE Space Operations with offices in Houston, Katwijk and Bremen, serving the European Space Institutions, and specialised in providing professional services for Human Spaceflight activities. Peter lead a team of some 50 people, made up of medical doctors, biologists, engineers, physicists and business specialists. Two new programmes in which the company is involved are the Galileo GPS satellite systems and the Journey to Mars programme “Aurora’.
Peter is a co-founder of IAASS, the Internatiional Association for the Advancement of Space Safety.

Peter retired once again from business in 2007 to develop the ministry of Crown Financial Ministries and Crown Companies in Europe.
He served as International vice-president for Crown Financial Ministries coordinating Crown’s global operations until 2012.

From August 2012, Peter founded the work of Compass – finances Gods way in Europe. There are 18 nations conducting Compass programmes on Financial discipleship.

Peter is co-founder and Chairman of Encour, a social enterprise, a public/private partnership,  in The Netherlands which trains volunteers to help people to get out of debt, find gainful employment and become economically self-reliant.

In 2014, Peter was a founding member of the European Economic Summit.

At home in Leiden, Peter is a member of the Leiden Baptist Church where he is chairman of the elder board. He is married to his Dutch wife Didie since 1972 and they have three grown up daughters, and are blessed with four grandchildren.


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