Foreword by Kent Humphreys, former president of FCCI -Fellowship of Companies for Christ

You are about to begin a great adventure.  If you are an entrepreneur like me, then you are going to love Donkey Business, Commerce with a Purpose.  There are hundreds of books coming out every year in this massive move of God in the marketplace.  However, few of them are as much fun and informative as this book.  I have enjoyed business for the last forty years and consider myself a student of God’s Word.  So, if you are like me and are serious about business and your walk with God, then you are going to really enjoy this journey.  I had always considered donkeys kind of plain and not very glamorous.  I had no idea that I could learn so much from a donkey about my business.  Peter Briscoe does a wonderful job of using the metaphor of the donkey to share the hidden secrets from God’s Word that every business leader needs to learn.

For several years now I have led an organization of Christian CEO’s and business owners.  I have come to realize that each of these leaders’ faces similar challenges to the ones that I experience in the businesses in which I am still involved.  Peter uses his years of experience in business and his knowledge of God’s Word to address many of these issues that you and I face everyday in our professions.  His personal examples and practical suggestions will be extremely helpful for every business leader who wants to avoid the pitfalls of the painful detours on our marketplace journey.  He shows us how we need to establish a constant connection to Jesus Christ, who will guide us through the difficult decisions of leading a business.

Peter Briscoe is the perfect leader to share these principles with us.  He has a proven track record as a leader in industry, the founder of Europarnters, and now the leader of Crown Companies throughout Europe.  Peter is one most respected Christian business leaders in all of Europe and has earned this by years of leading in business while walking with Christ.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter and working with him for some years now and believe that he is one of God’s chosen messengers for us in the workplace.  He has modeled these truths in his marriage, family, relationships, and profession. So, buckle up for the journey and listen closely as Peter shares with us the secrets of the donkey which is tied to the Vine.

Kent Humphreys, President

FCCI /  Christ@Work International.


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